One of Us

  • I am excited about my job and I enjoy every bit of it.
  • I appreciate friendly environment and colleagues who respect each other… that’s cool!
  • The company understands and respects my personal life.
  • I can work from anywhere around the world.
  • I get to actively participate on the performance and success of the whole company.
  • I find my work really meaningful.
  • I am getting a fully competitive reward for the work I deliver.
  • I get to work on interesting projects with global outreach which head straight into development.
Do you identify yourself in this profile? Then read on!

Currently, we are looking for teammates to fulfil these positions:

Java Developer

JAVA (EE), Spring, Spring MVC, Apache Wicket, Web services, jQuery, CSS, JUnit, JMockit, OS Linu, JBoss

PHP Developer

PHP, Angular 10+, Node.js, TypeScript, XSLT, Visual Studio Code

Years of experience are not essential. And You do not even need to know all the abbreviations.

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