One of Us

  • I am excited about my job and I enjoy every bit of it.
  • I appreciate friendly environment and colleagues who respect each other… that’s cool!
  • The company understands and respects my personal life.
  • I can work from anywhere around the world.
  • I get to actively participate on the performance and success of the whole company.
  • I feel my work makes sense.
  • I am getting a fully competitive reward for the work I deliver.
  • I work on development of exciting projects with a global outreach that head straight into production.
Do you identify yourself in this profile? Then read on!

Currently, we are looking for teammates to fulfil these positions:

Java Developer

JAVA (EE), Spring, Spring MVC, Apache Wicket, Web services, jQuery, CSS, JUnit, JMockit, OS Linu, JBoss

PHP Developer

PHP, Angular 10+, Node.js, TypeScript, XSLT, Visual Studio Code

Years of experience are not essential. And You do not even need to know all the abbreviations.

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