Java Master

for our branch office in Hradec Králové
... are you looking for “a woman” you would finally understand? Then “JAVA “ is the right one!


We are looking for a new JAVA colleague who does not like an excessive corporate bureaucracy, does not want to go nuts at endless meetings, but will bring a new wind and want to change things and move forward. We work on multi-layered applications for airlines and leading travel agencies in several countries around the world.

Five weeks of leave is a matter of course! And other days off you will get from our benefit system. If and when you have a cold – we do not mind, you can work from home.


When do we understand each other:

  • You are a JAVA development professional
  • Have good knowledge of OOP and design patterns
  • Have fun doing your backend and do not jumped back due to the development of distributed systems
  • The microservice architecture path makes sense to you
  • You are interested in modern frameworks and database technologies
  • Version tools, automatic tests, or code review are commonplace for you
  • You like working independently and we can count on you
  • You want to make robust, reliable and scalable applications
  • You can work in a team, share your knowledge with colleagues and help / learn from them
  • You like to participate in the selection of technologies, implementation and applications deployment


What we work with:

  • Java, Groovy, JavaScript, PHP
  • Spring Framework, Hibernate, JMS, Eclipse ...
  • EJB, JPA
  • Swagger, Rest
  • web development, UX, CSS, jQuery, Wicket ...
  • MySQL, Oracle,
  • Git, Maven, Jenkins, ...
  • Linux, Docker, ...
  • data integration, BI, batch processing, ...
  • applications testing - unit, integration and functional tests


What can we offer you:

  • friendly and opened team
  • the opportunity to participate in the selection of used technologies
  • cooperation through HPP (main job) or IČO (trade license)
  • flexible working hours and home-office
  • cheap calls and data tariff
  • a wide variety of benefits